Nov 092011

Save time and energy saving articles to Instapaper



A dozen times a week I’ll stumble upon a news story or an article on the web that I’m interested in but don’t want to take the time to read right then.

This happens too when I’m researching material for this blog or the three (!) books I’m writing.

Pigs don’t fly.

I have never been foolish enough to tell myself I’d remember to go back to an article, so I tried to solve this problem by making folders under my browser’s “Favorites” for each project I was working on. I even had one called “Hot at the Moment” for oddball things that interested me but didn’t apply to my work.

There were numerous problems with this system. Foremost among them was that the folders would quickly fill up with a confusing morass of links. I also found myself reluctant to spend more time on the computer reading than I was already putting in.

Enter Instapaper.

With one click on a button on my browser toolbar titled “Read Later” I can now save the text on any web page to my Instapaper account.

Instapaper automatically synchs what I save to my iPad via the Instapaper app. The app’s opening screen lists the title of each of the items saved with a few lines of text so I can easily find what I’m looking for.

Since the items are downloaded to the iPad, I can read them anywhere including bed, bath, or beyond. Ok, not bath. That really would be daring with an iPad.

It’s mostly free and easy.

To get started, create a free account on Instapaper’s website and follow the simple instructions to install the Read Later button on your browser.

The iPad app, which is good to go on your iPhone too, is $4.99.

No iPad but you’ve got a Kindle or a Nook? With a little finessing you can download what you’ve saved to either one. Go here for instructions.

No iPad, no Kindle, and no Nook? Where do you buy those leisure suits? Have no fear, you can read your saved articles on your PC or laptop too.

Isn’t it great? With technology, life just gets easier and easier.

Just a write thought.

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