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By Barnaby Conrad

New York Times Bestseller, 3 million copies sold!


      It is the morning of Pacote’s last fight, the finale of a great career. The city of Sevilla waits, heavy with anticipation. But Pacote finds he is afraid, and fears disgrace in the ring. Time, once his friend, now presses him on to the moment when the gate opens and the first bull enters the ring.
      You are there in the stands with the screaming crowd and in the lonely emptiness at the center of the arena with only a red cap and a slender sword. You are there for one of the most magnificent passages ever written on bullfighting.

“Conrad, himself a veteran of the bull ring, knows the sport even better than Hemingway. And he writes about it magnificently…a tale of high courage, throbbing with excitement.”
      —Book-of-the-Month Club

“An authentic and enormously exciting novel.”
      —The New York Times

“My favorite novel of the year.”
      —John Steinbeck

“I’m sending you a wonderful book called Matador . . . “
      —William Faulkner (In a letter to his niece)

“Matador …is a tale of high courage, throbbing with excitement. A book that no one can possibly put down until he has turned the last page.”
      —John P. Marquand, Book-of-the-Month Club News