“Important for all who wish to improve their on-the-job performance, a must-read for anyone just starting his or her career!”

—Joe Coelho, Outback Steakhouse

Jack Myrick



The MerchantThe Merchant: Planting Your Own Seeds of Success on the Job is a life-changing story that delivers the five simple principles one needs to put to use in order to excel on the job. This entertaining parable is set in beautiful Natchez, Mississippi during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

During a very difficult, low point in his business career, Jack Myrick found himself looking at those working with him and blaming them for his circumstances. He thought, “If they would just do their jobs like they were supposed to, then I wouldn’t be in this situation.”

At the end of his rope, Jack took some time off for reflection. By stepping back and looking at his situation he realized he had two choices: either quit and find a new career or change. By being totally honest with himself, he discovered that before his circumstances could change, he had to change.

Jack began to ask himself, “What kind of leader could turn this situation around?” Eventually he developed some simple leadership principles, as well as strategies on how to implement them. The effect was so dramatic for him, he knew he had to share them with others so he wrote his first book, The Shipbuilder. Jack then turned his attention to helping people excel at their jobs. The result is his second book, The Merchant.

Jack Myrick is president and founder of Management Solutions, a management training company, as well as head of Myrick Enterprises, a restaurant development group. He lives in Central Oklahoma and is blessed with a wonderful wife and three incredible daughters.